What are the signs of a dying tree?

“I’m worried that I have a dead tree on my property.”

We recently had a homeowner call us and tell us that they had a dead tree on their property. They had a few questions for us like: How long does a dead tree stand? Is it safe to leave a dead tree standing? What are the signs of a dying tree?

Typically when a tree is dying, it will have brown leaves, wilted branches, and a thicker trunk. Obviously, not all trees will have these symptoms, but they are common signs of a dying tree. A healthy tree will have the following appearance: green leaves, no wilted branches, and a thin trunk.

What should I do?

If you suspect that your tree is dead, then it’s best to call an arborist as soon as possible. Our team will come out and inspect the condition of the tree for free! Certified arborists are the preferred professionals to diagnose and treat trees.

What should I expect?

If the tree in question is dead, then you can either choose to have it removed or save it for landscaping purposes. There are many factors that come into play when determining which option would be best for your property such as: aesthetics, location of the tree on your lot, proximity to structures & utilities. Our certified arborists will help make this determination during their inspection of the area and can provide advice about what type of plant might work well with a landscape design if you’re looking to convert an empty space into something beautiful! They may also recommend installing a root barrier around any nearby structures like decks so they don’t suffer from rot due to contact with water trapped by roots

We want every person in Westchester County to know: if you notice any changes with your trees or plants like wilted branches and brown leaves—or even feeling particularly shaky when walking near it—then don’t hesitate to call us. We’re available Monday through Friday for all your tree and plant needs.

How long will a dead tree stand?

Without any treatment or care, most trees can live for years. But if the tree is dead it could fall at any moment. If the tree is not in an area of high human traffic then you may be able to wait it out until next year when we remove it. However, if there are many people walking through your property on a regular basis then we recommend removing the tree as soon as possible; contact us today!

Is it safe to leave a dead tree?

Leaving the dead tree standing poses risks such as safety issues. It’s very possible for the branches to break off and fall onto passersby causing injury. Another potential danger of leaving a dead tree standing is that it can become a fire hazard. The tree may dry out and litter your property with branches, leaves, and wood creating a serious wildfire risk. It is important to consider the facts first though. Make sure you are sure that the tree is dead. It may be possible that the tree is sick or diseased and dying but not dead yet, and there may still be some hope left to revive it. It is best to ask an arborist to check the tree’s health by examining the symptoms.

Typically, the cost of tree removal will be broken up into two parts: the cost of removing the tree and stump, and the cost of chipping or grinding it. It’s common to hear people say that they want a clean-cut for their lawn; meaning they don’t want any trunk pieces left behind after we remove the tree.

The average price is about $500-$1000 minimum depending on what kind of equipment is needed in order to do a complete removal job. We recommend checking with your local utility company before you schedule an appointment because sometimes trees are considered as “safety” hazards which will result in additional costs from them if not removed properly.