How do you Prepare for Tree Removal?

What to expect Before and After Tree Removal Service

You may have many questions about how a tree removal takes place and what to do in preparation for this service. And we have the answers! We’ve got you covered with what you need to know with the basics below. In addition, we highly suggest that you directly ask the tree company that you will be working with to ensure you prepare in the best way possible for them.

How much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Tree removal cost will vary on a few factors, such as the size, condition, and type of tree as well as the amount of time that it will take to remove the tree. If it will require a difficult and careful removal process, then it will cost more. Costs can range from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on these factors as well as your residing area. We strongly recommend to all: Always ask for an estimate before proceeding with tree removal service from a contractor.

How is a Tree Removed?

There are different ways to remove a tree, but it typically follows a similar process.

In the event that there is room around the tree, it will be cut down easily in one piece. Our technicians cut the trunk from the direction that it should fall. In the event that power lines or a building is obstructing and in the way of the tree, the usual procedure isn’t safe. This method takes a longer time because it is a meticulous process. The tree will need to be secured with rope to ensure that it doesn’t fall onto any of its surroundings. It will first be scaled and then our technicians will cut off each branch separately, top to bottom.

After the tree has been cut down and removed, a low stump will be left behind. You may choose to leave the stump as is left on the ground, if you wish to. But if you prefer to completely remove it, this service is called Stump removal, which will be a separate charge. We recommend removing the stump if appearance and property/landscape aesthetics is important to you. Perhaps if this stump is on your front yard, you will want to remove it. If the stump is in your backyard, then you may not be as inclined to remove it because the general public will not be able to see. Though it is also important to keep in mind when deciding to keep a stump, of the safety of any children and pets.

The stump is removed by a specialized tool called a stump grinder. Make the decision if you want to proceed with stump removal prior to consulting and hiring a tree contractor. It will cost less based on the amount of time required for the job. If you ask the crew to remove it during the tree removal process, it typically will not be able to happen. This is because the crew may not have the proper equipment and they may be on a schedule and need to proceed to the next job after. This will mean that we will have to return back to the site, which will take more time and money. Everything should be agreed upon by both parties before any work is commenced.

How do you prepare for tree removal service?

Safety is the upmost priority during a tree removal procedure. This concerns the safety of all members of the crew involved, as well as your safety or anyone near the area. Make sure in advance that the area is cleared of any trash lying around or of unnecessary items that would be obstructing a clear space. This means there should be direct and clear access to the tree. The technicians will be carrying equipment to and from their vehicles, which requires plenty of room to avoid any damage to the property. There will be multiple vehicles which will need to be as close to the tree as possible. Some other tips are to park your cars in an area far from the driveway, remove any furniture, etc. Ensure that there are no animals (your pets) roaming around in the area for their own safety.

Looking for a Professional Tree Company?

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